HR technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, leaving many companies overwhelmed at the number of options and various configurations. Determining the solution that will work best for your company is critical. The right solution can enable your operations to perform efficiently, as well as provide a platform for future expansion of business functions.  
My years of experience in  domestic and global Human Resources, systems implementation, combined with my Six Sigma training, have given me the unique skillset to be able to quickly understand your business and requirements, and immediately  identify, recommend and implement the right technologies to increase employee effectiveness.      I have lead the successful implementation of PeopleSoft, Oracle HR, Manage To Win, SAP and others.
My HR technology services include:

  • Determining business requirements for various HR technologies, including Core HR, HRIS self-service modules, talent management systems, HR service center technologies (e.g., HR portal, case management, knowledgebase, chat, document management), and a variety of other solutions
  • Identifying the vendors and associated products that will work well for your situation and budget
  • Facilitating your organization through the selection of the technology/vendor
  • Designing the best configuration for your selected technology based on how your organization needs to use the system, as well as on   leading practices in the HR space
  • Facilitating testing of the system, including developing the test plan, developing the test scripts, managing system testers,   consolidating results, and managing the error resolution process.