An organization’s structure can enable or impede its ability to execute on its strategy, adapt readily to change, and work efficiently and effectively. For this reason, business organizations today must be ready to answer questions like: How can we better align accountability with the organizational structure? How can we realign responsibilities to increase performance? How much can we improve productivity while decreasing costs?   

I provide expertise with restructuring existing organizations and helping new organizations launch. I work with my clients to define what their strategic goals are and then guide them through the process of defining the new organization and aligning accountabilities within it. I leverage leading practices and benchmarks, as well as my many years of global HR experience. 

My organization transformation services include:

  • Defining your organization’s overall strategic HR and business goals
  • Determining how work is currently conducted and realigning activities to best enable increased productivity
  • Designing the new organization to most effectively leverage your resources
  • Creating a detailed implementation plan that incorporates organizational controls, provides training on new processes, and focuses on change management services to help with the migration of responsibilities.
  • Develop and facilitate Leadership team building based on TTI (Target Training International) and Leading from Your Strength tools.