Does your Board provide the right mix of expertise to effectively lead the organization in business strategy? 

In the every changing business landscape, Boards need to develop  governance systems that clarify their role – and that of management. These governance systems provide clarity of delegations and assure smooth coordination and integration of activities in corporations, non-profits, and public agencies. My experience with non-profit Boards, and as a board member,  gives me the insight to understand the value of high-performing boards and assure clarity of decision-making responsibilities at all levels of the organization.

I work with Board members and executive leadership to develop clear effective governance systems and policies that clarify roles,responsibilities  and effectiveness by; 

  • Assessing the current form of governance – and its pros and cons.
  • Defining the appropriate role of the governing body within the organization.
  • Developing purpose of the board, roles and functions of committees, and ethical codes of conduct.
  • Providing cutom 360 assessments that assess board member performance